Alternative website text (by Sarah Watson)

Welcome to The White Lion Inn and Restaurant at Bourton
Here at the White Lion Inn we know what a pub should be like. Full of weirdo’s, odd balls and freaky people – and those who want to come and stare at them. Bad language is likely, offensive jokes a certainty so if you’re a nice normal person we’re probably not the pub for you.
You’ve seen the pictures so you know the pub comes with all the usual quaint old pub trappings. What you can’t see is that underneath the gentile façade lays a hot bed of bizarre locals, barmaids with remarkable cleavage, possibly illegal gambling and an undercurrent of sexual tension. What more could you want on a Friday night? But whatever happens make sure you leave as soon as the backgammon board is whipped out – it’s a sign to everyone, you’ve seen Wicker Man.

If that wasn’t encouragement enough then have a look at our Events page to find out about our special events and great offers all designed to entice you to visit, after all we do need to freshen up the local gene pool. Our next event for the connoisseur is our great Wine and Cheese Tasting Evening, it would be lovely to see you there, and we will of course make sure you never leave.
Our chefs have put together an imaginative and varied menu to suit all tastes so there will always be something you can’t resist – but we’re bound to say that whatever the food is like so you best come and try for yourself. All of it’s fresh, lots of it’s local and if you’re lucky you’ll visit on one of the villages sacrificing a virgin nights – the steak always tastes so much better then.
If you’ve had enough of chatting with the bizarre and slightly unhinged locals then our restaurant combines comfort and informality with elegance and space away from them, although if one’s really taken a shine to you they’ll probably follow you in to salivate over your starters. But if you’re scared to leave their company in case you incite their irrational behaviour further then the same menu is available in the Bar and the Garden on those long sunny Dorset evenings.
We wouldn’t want to let you down so it’s best to give us a call and let us know you’re coming – we’ll reserve your favourite table just for you and check out the availability of our special virgin steak.
The first thing that you’ll notice when you come into the pub is that looks exactly how a great pub should. Nothing fits and no-one’s normal – from the wonky flagstone floors to the wonky walls and the even wonkier locals. The tables and chairs also sit at their own unique angles as do most of our regulars, sipping pints of whatever’s cheapest whilst eyeing up the barmaids in the vain and unlikely hope that tonight is the night their lucks in.
Being a proper local pub you’ll always find a warm yet mildly offensive welcome from the locals and most probably the staff. They all support us with an infectious enthusiasm borne from the recognition that no one else would have them so they need to be nice to us.
Thatcher’s are our mainstay ciders, both Gold and traditional dry, from a Somerset based family company that have been making great cider for over 100 years. The real ales we currently offer are Sharp’s Doombar or Otter Amber, both great beers but we’re always open to suggestions for guest ales that you recommend and would keep you coming back, just in case the rohypnol doesn’t work.
B & B Accommodation
Due to popular demand, and so we have somewhere to lock you in to prevent you leaving, we now have two beautifully appointed double rooms so that you can stay with us forever. Both have en suite bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities and a television, although no telephone for emergency calls – we wouldn’t want you alerting the authorities now would we.
Whether on business and just needing a bed for the night, looking for a relaxing weekend away exploring the area, or having spent too much time enjoying the heavily spiked beer then come and stay with us and enjoy our hospitality to the fullest. You’ll never want to leave. A splendid cooked breakfast in the morning is of course a guaranteed part of the deal, if you make it that far.
Please do give us a call or send us an e-mail to check availability.
Because over the years we have developed a tendency for stalking we can now come to you and make your special occasions something to remember – it’s best to invite us then we don’t need to remember the binoculars. Our same great chefs can provide the catering for many different events from weddings to parties, shoots and barbeques – in fact any event where you’d like to add a little White Lion magic, but do watch the chef, he will try and pull the bridesmaid, or her mother.
Please contact us, let us know what you’d like and we’ll work with you to create the best food experience outside of the White Lion, and this way you won’t have to call the police.
Telephone: 01747 840866
As if being probably the best pub in the world was not enough we are also located at the heart of one of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the West Country. Despite the stagnated gene pool it really does have a lot going for it. As we are the most northerly Inn in Dorset we’re also very close to the borders of Wiltshire and Somerset, comfortably positioned close enough to the A303 to be a very welcome diversion from a drive between London and the West Country, while being far enough from the traffic to be a peaceful haven. Just remember your pepper spray, although I fear some of the locals may have developed immunity to it by now.
If you ever manage to escape, which in all honesty is quite unlikely as we have been doing this for years then nearby is the wonderful National Trust property of Stourhead  (near Mere) with its world famous English landscape garden complete with decadent follies. Just down the road Alfred’s Tower marks the spot where King Alfred raised his standard before marching to defeat the Danes. It’s well worth the climb for the spectacular views from the top. Stonehenge is just a short drive away and the old Anglo-Saxon hilltop town of Shaftesbury is nearby and worth a visit, while the sublime architecture of Bath is also within easy reach. But don’t go any further than that otherwise it’s a nightmare to track you down.